Meet Princess Ali. She is a unique, electrifying, bold and vibrant self-taught creative and artistic model, actress and makeup artist.  She has been recognized for her unique approach to statement makeup. People often mistake Princess’ birth name for being fictitious or a nickname. Princess is more than just her name; it sums up characteristics that define who she is. Princess creates makeup looks that are unique, captivating, and that elevate and define beauty.

Princess quickly caught the attention of Maybelline, Sunglass Hut, and captured the attention of music sensation Solange Knowles, and was featured in her music video “When I Get Home.” Princess got creative for a Pinterest project, and even the tech industry took notice, spurring collaborations with Dell computer and Yara Shahidi, star of Blackish and Grownish.

Princess enjoys the freedom of her beautiful brown eyes and striking angular features to be a canvas and recognizes that even a blank canvas is a beautiful one, because it is filled with endless possibilities. Princess wants her art/creativity to inspire other creatives who look like her and see her beauty both inside and out . Her mantra is that we must be bold and revolutionary.