Hailing from New York City, Leaf personifies the modern young artist with multi-skills: writing and producing her own music, directing and editing her own videos, and even designing her own MBM (Motivated By Money) clothing line. 

What sets Leaf apart from the rest is a raw, undeniable personal charisma and seductive artistic vision,both of which are captured in peak form in her music. Set for release in Summer 2022, her upcoming EP Wet Couture is a follow-up to Leaf’s 2015 Fool’s Gold debut album Magnet Bitch, and is the culmination of her growth both personally and professionally. Fueled by the artists that came before her like Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown, Leaf crafts infectious raps and charismatic choruses on her new EP. 

Leaf has appeared in the Calvin Klein CK2 trailer “HOW2 Meet I.R.L.” and walked for Namilia in the VFILES SS16 Runway Show. She has also been featured in publications such as Teen Vogue,Phosphenes, Interview Magazine, Galore, PAPER, Bullett, Complex, Vibe, Saint Heron, and Nylon. This is just the beginning for the young artist who has been writing music since she was 16 and embraces her life and blessings with her fans on all of her social media channels.