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Be a model

You want to become a model? So, what’s next?

In this section you will find all of the information you need to properly submit to us. Unfortunately Muse does not hold open calls. All of our interviews are by appointment only. The best way to get an appointment is to follow these guidelines and email your submission. If we are interested, someone from Muse will get back to you very shortly and set up an appointment!

If you are under 18 years old, it is very important that your parents are aware of your modeling goals. Potential models of all ages need to be aware of illegitimate modeling offers and potentially predatory individuals on the internet. Please check all of your sources if someone contacts you. If someone from Muse contacts you, verify with us who they are and make sure they have an email address from our agency.

Muse follows the guidelines of New York State for minors. We provide all of our models with education, experience and the professional management needed to meet the goals of their modeling career.

Muse represents models of all sizes. We prefer our models to be a minimum of 5’9” and taller.

What should my photos look like? (See the polaroids to the left)

Your parents, sibling or friend can take the pictures you need to submit on their phone or digital camera. Please don’t email files that are too large; each image should be about 1MB

Your pictures should resemble this example as closely as possible. Make sure your background is clear from clutter. Natural light is always best, but do what you can.

Close ups should be taken with your hair up AND hair down. When shooting full length, please show your entire body from head to toe.

Your outfit should be simple and form fitting, or a bikini. Please DO NOT wear: HEELS, MAKE UP, JEWELRY

You might think that you should be posing but these pictures are to show us what you look like at your most natural and relaxed.

How do i take my measurements?
  • Muse represents a variety of models. When you send in your pictures, please also send in your measurements.
  • Your height should be measured in bare feet. Your bust should be measured at the fullest part. Measure your waist at the most narrow part, usually about 3 inches above your belly button. Hips are measured at the fullest part; around your bum.
  • When you have selected your best pictures and taken your measurements please email all of your information: Name, Age, Location, Pictures and Measurements to
I've submitted my pictures, what’s next?

If we are interested in meeting you, someone from Muse will contact you shortly. We are not able to respond to every submission. You may not hear back from us and that could be for many reasons. The fashion industry is constantly changing. Becoming a model is equal parts talent, hard work and timing!

We look forward to hearing from you!